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Making your dreams



Solarek Sounds is a small freelance recording studio owned by head producer/ engineer Justin Solarek. Justin Is a graduate of Full Sail University and has been running Solarek Sounds years now and has helped many clients achieve their dreams. Here clients can come to us with confidence knowing that we will make their audio sound professional. We take on almost any audio project that is brought to us including audio/music editing, original recordings, and sound design. Here we treat you and your visions as they were our own, and we always give you the quality service and friendliness you deserve!

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Audio Equipment
Vintage Mic
Sound equipment

Music is what brings us together

Do not settle for less than what your dreams desire.

Here at Solarek Sounds, we take on a plethora of music genres and projects. We make sure to have a basic understanding of most instruments, song styles, and of course the people behind them all. We handle everything from recording and editing to mixing and mastering for our clients! We also keep some examples of beats and mixes below that can be purchased and used!

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Designing sound to fit your needs

Solarek Sounds also handles sound design and music for both indie game developers and filmmakers. We use a private sound library recorded and made in house so you can be sure you are getting original non-copyright sounds.